Why watercolor?

There is something compelling about the watercolor medium even though it is known to be a difficult medium to master.  Watercolor requires a great deal of dedication, practice, and knowledge. In this regard it’s like any pursuit, what you put in is what you get out. While it’s true that some people begin their watercolor journey with more creativity and talent it is only with dedicated work that watercolor will reveal its secrets.

Part of what appeals to me about watercolor is that it cannot be completely controlled. While I love the control and the freshness of the medium I am rewarded with unexpected results. Occasionally a painting does not work out and there’s where the real learning takes place.

Watercolor Class

6 Classes, Wed. 10:00 am to Noon, Starts June 14th through July 19th, 2017

paint, create, learn and socialize

What: All skill levels welcome. A short basic watercolor lesson provided at the start of each class.

Each student selects their preferred subject matter to paint. Instruction and guidance

provided. The main purpose of the class is to have a place to paint in watercolor, create, learn

and socialize in a supportive, fun atmosphere.  Six classes $20.00 per class, $100.00 for session of six classes paid to the instructor. E-mail ann@netgeninc.com to sign up for materials list and/or questions.

When: Wednesdays 10:00 am to noon, Starting June 14th, 2017,

6 class schedule: June 14, June 21, June 28, July 5th, July 12, July 19

Ongoing sessions

Who: Ann Romero, Watercolorist and Instructor, open to adults 18 and over

Where: Hobby Lobby classroom in the back of the store, 8181 S. Quebec St, Suite B

Centennial, CO  80112-2901

Hobby Lobby, Classes Schedule, Quebec and County Line

Ann Romero Fine Artist Bio

Ann Romero is best known for her expressive watercolor paintings and has also worked in colored pencil, graphite and mixed media. She explores the transformative power of light on objects, scenes and people. Her work captures the way light plays upon urban slice of life vignettes and still life arrangements.


Ann strives to take her inner vision and inspiration and make it visible as art. No matter what she is doing in her life, art is Ann’s calling.  She admits she hasn’t always answered the call. But it will not leave her alone and Ann has decided to follow her heart.

Ann earned a B.A. art degree from Colorado College and has exhibited and sold her work in galleries and shows in Aspen, Cherry Creek, Centennial, Littleton, Venice CA, Washington D.C., and many other locales. Over the years she has won numerous awards for her art work.


She considers herself almost a Colorado native as her family moved to Colorado from Fort Worth, Texas when she was eleven years old. She has lived along Colorado’s Front Range ever since and calls Littleton, Colorado home.



10 Reasons to Sign Up for my Watercolor Class

Come to have fun doing something you enjoy Learn new and classic watercolor techniques and approaches All levels of experience are welcome To ask your watercolor and art questions It’s a great place for beginners or newbies as instruction is provided It’s affordable, only $20/2 hour class, if you prepay for six lessons it’s $16.66 a class or …